Friday, July 27, 2012

Coming Back

“Why aren’t you blogging anymore?” 
I don’t know.
Just yesterday, one of my editors, Bill Kelley, suggested that I should think seriously about it. I used to share my work all the time. Every day. Sometimes many times a day. I imagine that it used to flood your feeds and you would get sick of all the optimism.
I’m still taking pictures you would recognize. I still shoot gorgeous food and cute kids. I still fall in love every day on assignment. But I’ve also started looking at things differently. I’ve started thinking more about what I shoot. There are bigger ideas I’m reaching for. Some of them are the most beautiful ideas in the world: that love endures despite the worst possible circumstances. Others are darker: that getting hurt changes you forever, even if you move beyond it. Those are specific, long term stories that I can’t wait to share. Because I’m in the process of shooting them, and understanding them, I haven’t been posting about them. 
I think that’s why this blog is so quiet these days. Because, more than ever, I’m a work in progress.

These pictures are from a block party today. This kid is telling the police officer, "stop arresting my dad."