Monday, June 11, 2007


So. I’ve been tasked with the wonderful job of redesigning the University of Missouri Photojournalism website, with an emphasis on showcasing student work. I’m excited to do it, since there’s not good place to see all our work, and also because there’s so much good work that needs to be seen. I know some of you who read this blog are students, and I wonder if you might take a quick look at the current site:

and let me know what is missing from it. Periodically, I’ll toss up some of my redesigns and see if anyone has feedback.

We take pictures, we tell stories, and people should be able to see them.



Jeronimo Nisa said...

shit! I didn't even know there was a photojournalism website...
Yeah, it definitely needs some changes. First of all, I'd suggest PICTURES! Isn't it obvious?

katie barnes said...

wow! you could delete the entire thing, and i'd give you an A. i had no idea it was so... boring! how'd they get us to enroll?!?

how are you? i broke my collerbone. maybe i should continue in an email to you?

i miss you.