Sunday, September 23, 2007

Boone Life One

While his mother chats with friends, Xavier Rolley, 11 waits on the steps to the basement of St. Paul's AME Church in Columbia, Mo. Xavier and his mother Veronica Rolley and little sister Vonyae had their family portrait taken at the church's fundraiser.

For fifty years, Washington Elbert has been a member of St. Paul's AME Church, on the corner of Ash and 5th streets in Columbia, Mo. Elbert waits to have his portrait taken with his wife for the church's fundraiser on Saturday, September 22nd, 2007. "I've been coming to this church since 1957, " said Elbert, "and not too much has changed. Older people pass on, and younger ones join. I do wish we had more young ones."


Ryan Gladstone said...

What is sharp in the top photo? It is hard to tell, at least when viewing it small.

I like the bottom one, no doubt in some small part because of the greatness on his suit.

The third one that ran in the paper was nice as well.

Amanda said...

Oh, we should all have someone in our lives that wears such a badass suit!
I think the kid's eyeball and sone of his nose/lip are in that plane of focus.


nice detail on the bottom. I'm a glutton for chopped off body parts.