Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dacota, Continued

Every once and a while you fall in love with a subject, and my new love is Dacota, who I've posted about before. What a wonderful extended family he has-- he spends his afternoons with his cousins because his parents work In Columbia, about 30 minutes from Sturgeon, where they live. I'll be following him to school and hanging out with him this weekend. Dacota is a complicated kid, and there's just some magic about him. I hope I'll be able to convey that.


katie said...

this is so amazing and SO visual. it's a keeper! ;)

i love the second photo... his posture is so typical of a kid.

i saw your posting time - what are you doing up before the sun!?!

Zach Siebert said...

there's some kinda special quality to the whole set. very strong stuff. that first one is especially gorgeous