Friday, February 1, 2008

Missourian Again

This semester I am still up at the Missourian, this time working as an editor. I love it. I love the newsroom, working with the photographers, helping them work out their technical problems and brainstorming different approaches to the sometimes tedious assignments we are given, and I’ve also found that as it turns out, I learned a lot in staff last semester. Today we critiqued this week’s papers with the staff class, and I was reminded of the familiar refrain to “get the safe picture first, and then shoot for yourself.” I hope I’ll get to edit lots of takes where the “shoot for yourself” pictures make it into the paper. Here are two images from my very first shoot at the Missourian last August—the shoot for yourself ones (not the printed feature.)


katie said...

what! how did that second one not make it in??!! i think we should have made our favorite prints from the missourian shoots and brought them in to hang alongside the print editions during critiques. would've made for some great discussion.

Steve Bartel said...

Wasn't this a "first day at school" story? I remember liking the one that got pulled out for the paper, despite the name in the byline having an ominous feel to it.