Saturday, March 1, 2008

Video God

Richard Koci Hernandez's recent post on multimedia shooter rings true to me:

"Why not stop wasting money on video gear, new laptops to support your purchase of FCP, shotgun mics and expensive delivery systems like Maven or Brightcove, hours and hours of training (if you’re lucky), plus hours and hours editing on FCP, when all you really need to do is spend a few bucks on Soundslides. The viewer doesn’t know or care if the image moves like video or is a well paced audio slide show, they want a good story. Period."

He's not advocating abolishing video-- just being realistic about its place in the newsroom. This reminds me of a recent class in staff/editing at the Missourian. Our conclusion, in the face of not-so-stellar video from "convergence", was that our only option is to produce superior stories that are visually compelling. With our cameras and little audio recorders. And it can be done.

As soon as POYi is over.

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