Thursday, July 10, 2008

Things in Themselves

Wylie came to visit Indiana, and we had a perfect, quiet weekend in a cabin in the woods. Fried eggs and local peaches!


zachary said...

i go crazy for the shot about eggs....i'm now hungry.

sheila said...

such a nice color palette.

whether we're staying or going, the discovery is always there if we open ourselves to life's essence. yes! i can't wait for the journey ahead. it is a good feeling to sometimes have- that everything familiar can turn upside down. Like a child making a somersault, I have butterflies in my stomach..,

Remember when Alice falls down the rabbit hole?

katie said...

the eggs are lovely. great colors... the peaches are nice too, something about the yellow glass bowl that seems to aesthetically go against the background. of course, i know these were just snaps before breakfast, but ... you know. ;)