Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sometimes you run into an editor who pushes you to think, really think, about the work you're doing and what you want to say with it. Right now I have the privilege of working with such an editor, and in looking back on my take from the last few days in Marlin, I can see his hand in so much of it. I spent a fair amount of time trying to make sense of place pictures that would give an viewers a sense of what Marlin is like as a community, and I could easily have forgotten that critical aspect of the story had we not talked about it before I went down. The audio will be a huge help in that regard-- people describing the town they live in and how hard it is for them to get care. These images may seem to be a departure from the real "story" part of the story, but I have a feeling they'll be important in the final product. I'm getting excited to start working with the audio. And also to do my laundry and sit on the couch for an evening. It's been a crazy few weeks.

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