Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Ghost Fleet

We spent the night on a boat out by the Ghost Fleet in the James River, the place where Navy ships go to die. From the deck of our small boat, I just waited and watched the sky turn every color imaginable. The calm water turned rough and we had to evacuate back to Norfolk sometime after 2 a.m., piloted by an ex-Coast Guard man while I offered moral support. Alive, home. And pretty, pretty, sky.


photophanatic1887 said...

beautiful use of colour! I love your work!!!

MZ said...

what a beautiful way to document such a long night.

David Kennedy said...

I agree with the comments above, but I do think the high-pass sharpening on the first image is overdone. Whenever you start to see white "halos" develop in a picture, it's a rule of thumb that you applied too much sharpening.