Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Back from POY I got right in the car and drove out to Sturgeon, since I only have a few weeks left with the Furlong families. POY was three days of intense work and frenetic activity, topped off with a long night out and then a few days of hanging around D.C. Aside from the major, but temporary anxiety, of introducing the Newspaper Photographer of the Year at National Geographic, there were the portfolio reviews. Instead of spending too much time on my singles and past stories (they are what they are, and I’m sure Jasper will change lots of them) I talked about this story with Scott Strazzante, John Freidah and Susan Smith. What tremendous help and inspiration. For those of you in my Picture Story class, I’ll post more about those conversations as I shoot more. Susan Smith suggested I consider the relationships of the kids to the adults in their lives, so I did a bit of that last night at the flag football game in Harrisburg.


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these are both so beautiful... and telling. i cannot wait to see the finished product of all your efforts, it's really starting to come together!!