Friday, August 8, 2008


A game of "two-ball" is routine for Reds players before each game. Here, from left, Bryce Labhart, Broc Litherland, Derek Katter, Jon Sylar and Ryan Monar pass the time before the start of play.

A love of the game draws players like Broc Litherland, left, and Steve Casper, right, to play for the Reds. With one clean red sock in his bag, and only one striped one, Casper was forced to don a mismatched pair.

In the dugout the Alles brothers Bob, right, and Bill, center, divide the duties of managing the team, with Bill serving as field manager and Bob recording scores and managing the business of the Reds. Jiggs Ruxer, left, who played for the Reds in the late 1930s and 40s, is officially the bench coach and unofficially a jack of all trades, taking on jobs as varied as setting the helmets on their shelves to sweeping the dugout at the end of the game. "Jiggs is here because he just loves baseball," says Bob.

These are from a Saturday Feature about the Jasper Reds, a team with over 100 years of history and a lot of heart for the game. Not a baseball fan myself, I had a blast shooting their games.

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zach said...

it's really clear that you take time to wait for the little moments on the edge. that's something i'm trying to get better at/have more patience.