Saturday, August 2, 2008

Zoar and More

With great care Grant Maxey, 9, of Lawrenceburg, caught an egg thrown by his teammate Jayce Harter, 8, of Huntingburg at the Egg Toss during the Zoar Mosquito Fest on Saturday.

Corey Goeppner, 3, of Stendal peeked out from under the curtain at the Zoar Mosquito Fest Skinny Legs contest on Saturday.

I do promise it's not only kids and cuteness all the time. I've been working on and researching some stories, and they'll come out right before the election. Until then, I genuinely take joy in assignments in small towns, like this one in Zoar, for their Mosquito Fest. Best chicken dinner yet, and homemade ice cream.


Emily said...

LOVE the second one. It's both adorable and mysterious.

Steve Bartel said...

The "kids shots are cheesy and you should be above them" thing is overhyped. Last one's a great moment, his age doesn't take anything away from it.

katie said...

AHH love the last shot! and best chicken dinner ever eh? who says jasper doesn't have great food! ;)

::: Eddie QuiƱones ::: said...

I really like the last shot and I agree with Mr. Bartel about the "kid shots."