Friday, November 21, 2008


Military Homecoming. The best kind of assignment, as far as I'm concerned. Minus the travel. Two long drives in the dark to Indianapolis, some black ice on the way coming home, and staying up until the early morning to process the pictures. These are a few that I liked.
Top: A hunting trip and a lasagna dinner were at the top of the list of things Trey T., 14, of French Lick, couldn’t wait to share with his father, Staff Sgt. Shawn T., who was among the 145 soldiers from the Indiana National Guard’s 76th Brigade who returned from the Mideast on Thursday. Children of returning soldiers took turns looking out of the single window of a building at Stout Field where they waited for the buses carrying the soldiers from the airport.
Center:Jolene M., of Jasper, anxiously awaited the arrival of her boyfriend, Sean S.. Members of the 76th Brigade, arriving in Indianapolis from a tour of duty in Iraq, spent an hour with family and friends before heading off to Camp Atterbury for five days.
Bottom: When the announcer warned families of the 1/151 that they had only five minutes left together, First Lt. David B. kissed son Trevor T., 7, goodnight. B., of Franklin, will spend a few days at Camp Atterbury for debriefing before returning home.

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