Wednesday, November 19, 2008

News Time

It's been an exciting few days, and since I have no new photos to share, I thought I'd share some news instead. First:

It's a small world. Tim Hussin, my fellow hot pink team member at Eddie Adams was named College Photographer of the Year, with this amazing portfolio. I was first runner-up. And Lane Christiansen, my fellow Herald intern and former roommate, got the bronze with this killer portfolio. What an exciting day for the Herald. And to top it off, this month's News Photographer magazine:

has a great story about the 30th Anniversary of the Saturday Feature, the engine that keeps us going and makes for a fascinating and challenging internship. Have I mentioned too that I'm the luckiest intern in the world? I was offered a second term as intern here, and I'll be here until June. Watching some of the CPOY judging with my dear friend Katie Barnes (multiple multimedia award winner) got me excited about turning some of my election series stories into multimedia. That's the next step. And along the way there's the turnip kraut canning, basketball season starting (a sport I've never shot . . . but it was the same with football this season, and I loved it), and some more Saturday features to track down. And that pile of internship applications to finish. Whew. Congrats to the other Missouri students who won awards in CPOY this year: Ben Fredman, Joon Hyoung Kim and August Kryger.


katie said...

wow! that next herald intern is going to have a tough act to follow... ;)

thanks for the props (is that the right word?) and how cool about the news photographer cover story!

Cait said...

Congrats Amanda!!I'm so proud of you!

Tim Gruber said...

Congrats Amanda! Very well deserved as always. Jasper must have something special in the water there. Bottle it up and send some my way. :)

Ikuru said...

Congrats!! Nice portfolio! Keep up with good work.