Sunday, May 10, 2009


The boxes are nearly packed. I leave out my coffee making equipment, a few pairs of jeans, some shampoo and some books. It's finally spring, and this season has meant transition for me for many years now. Seattle to Missouri, Missouri to Indiana, and now Indiana to Texas. In many ways, I'm ready to try on the new experience of a big city and a big paper. And yet. It's heartbreaking to leave a place, especially when I feel so at home here. To leave so many pictures untaken. To drive away from a place where I first became a photojournalist, and enter into the wide, scary world with a station wagon filled with boxes. I'm trying to think of it as another adventure, but that doesn't quell the sadness. I suppose that's just how it goes.

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Sheila Johnson said...

Mayapples! Who would have thought that the Midwest would become the stage for so many romantic adventures and dreams? I remember that years before moving to Missouri I had a friend from Evergreen that was moving to St. Louis. He may as well have said that he was moving to the moon! Why???, I asked, so ignorant that life existed off the coasts. Anyway... now I know, and I feel such a deep reverence for that part of the world... whose subtle beauty tugs at my heart when I think of it.

Good luck with the transition! Can´t wait to see what comes for you in this next stage.