Monday, October 11, 2010

While You Were Gone: Father

This one was a tough one to edit, because this family way so lovely, and the range of experiences we shared in the few hours I was there was so wide. Which one would you pick for print? I'd love some input.

“If I wake up crying for mommy again, will you come up and get me?” calls Jackson after his father, who carries a drowsy baby Ella to her bedroom. The night before, Jackson had woken up calling for his mother, Elizabeth Barnes, for the first time in a since she left for her deployment as a Chief Electronics Technician on the Truman, and wants the assurance that his dad would be there for him. Gary Barnes ducks back into his son’s room. “Of course, buddy. I’ll be there.”

“She’s physically gone, but she’s not really gone. She’s a part of our everyday routine,” says Gary. Gary had planned to make his career in the Navy as a Chief Fire Controlman, until an illness forced him into early retirement. The family re-imagined their plans, and it made sense for Elizabeth to finish her career in the military, and for Gary to care for the children, as well as run the family business, while Elizabeth is away. “It’s different on so many levels. Instead of being only the disciplinarian, I’ve learned when they need comfort and when they needs hugs and kisses. Sometimes they just need ten minutes to run wild, instead of being on a strict schedule. It’s a really cool bonding experience I get to share with my kids.”


Cait said...

Either the top one, because I love that it is of them watching videos on their mom read stories.

Or the second one... because the bathrobes have ears.

Jeronimo Nisa said...

I'd pick either of the two last ones.