Monday, October 18, 2010

While You Were Gone

“With deployment, I learned that I’m not in control of everything, and I have to let go of that,” says Danielle Brazie, whose husband Robin Brazie is an air traffic controller on the Truman. With all the uncertainty inherent in deployment and a nomadic life in the military, there are certain things she does control, and keeping busy is her way of dealing with this first long separation from her husband. She has three children to care for, and has devoted herself to homeschooling them, so their daily life is full of activities like trips to the zoo, where even Annabella, 6 months, is engaged in the lessons of the field trip.

“I get so lonely for him, but the goal is to be so busy that I don’t have much time to miss him,” says Danielle, who . “For the first two months, I missed him because the day-to-day was harder without him. Now, I miss him as my partner, the person I love. I miss his company.”

“When he left, I’d never really lived in a big city. I told myself I’d get really busy and involved. Now that he’s been gone so long, I see that I did everything I said I’d do, and that means a lot to me. Now I know, I can do this. I can make it through this, if I just stay busy.”

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August Kryger said...

I've really been enjoying this series, keep at it and thanks for sharing your work!