Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Math Bowl

These are my people. The Math Bowl teams.
top: Holy Family 6th graders Daniel Eby, left, Rachel Sternberg, center, and Adam Weinzapfel, right, conferred over a problem regarding the number of humps in a herd of camels with 80 legs, where half had one hump and half had two humps, at the Thirteenth Annual Math Academic Teams for Hoosiers Competition on Tuesday night at Cedar Crest Intermediate School.


katie said...

that second shot is awesome! great moment. i can feel the tension.

Carrie said...

Hi. The first photo, the first student's name is Daniel Eby. He's my piano student.

GREAT shots of the theater! I am the pianist for the show and saw you there. Amazing work! Please let me know if these are orderable...I am going to show Daniel's mom the pic today. :)