Thursday, March 5, 2009

News Time

It's been another great few weeks here in Jasper, with Basketball Sectionals, a break in the cold weather and some exciting POYi wins. Let's list them:
The Election Series, my Master's Project, won Best Series in Editing
The Rumbachs won Third in the Editing Portfolio category
The 4-H Fair won Second in Feature Story
Lane's story "Bridging Cultures" won Third in Issue Reporting Story
I won First in Portrait.

Not bad for a paper that has a coverage area of a little over 100 square miles.

I was also excited to see Matt Eich's "Carry Me Ohio" win Community Awareness. There is a tremendous feeling to some of those frames, which I am in awe of.

Spring time! Almost Dallas time! I can't believe how time keeps rushing forward.

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katie said...

yay yay yay... congrats again... i'm so proud of you!