Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Tuesday Visit

About a month ago, I photographed this lovely couple for the ag section. Nothing fancy, just that they'd been on the farm for four generations. And married for 50 years. Today was a tough day for feature hunting, so I called them up, and sat at their table in the farmhouse where he was born, and ate some apple cobbler. They have three sons. One of their sons has three sons too. And they gather eggs everyday for their grandparents, and feed the chickens. I didn't make any great pictures, but I had a much needed visit with some wonderful people. This is quite the community to be leaving. My weekend in New York reminded me that I can be happy in a city, too. So onward, to Dallas! And to finding people to visit with on a rainy Tuesday.

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katie said...

nice set of pictures... love the eggs, and the white duck in the last shot.