Wednesday, April 29, 2009


After two days of terrible allergies, it rained in the middle of my baseball game tonight, and the relief was wonderful. To pass the time while it rained, the teams exchanged riddles on a ball they passed from dugout to dugout. (favorite: How far can a deer run into the woods?) I love shooting sports outside-- football season cannot return soon enough. Though, I wonder if I'll be at a job where I get to shoot high school football. I sure hope so.


Andrew Laker said...

Texas is CRAZY about high school football. I was in Oklahoma for four years, and they're almost as bad. Wish I remembered the link of some holycrapfantastic portraits DMN did several years ago. They had kids under a pool, reflections above them... oh God, it was wonderful. Despite the craziness right now in newspaperland and Belo, I think you're going to have a wonderful time. You are not going to believe how they react to football. JEALOUS!

Andrew Laker said...

Aw shoot, but I just realized you might not be there long enough to experience it... Hmmm... Just smack Woo around a little, see if he'll let you stay.