Monday, June 9, 2008

Day Off: Gratuitous Landscape

You move to a new place and what do you do? I drive around and get lost, wait until later in the afternoon so the sky is beautiful, go down roads I shouldn't be going down and hope to run into someone or something to photograph. Not much tonight but some stormy skies and some golden light and some hidden road and cornfields. And some natural vignette. So there. Here's my "sense of place" frame for everyone who wonders what Indiana is like.


Amysue said...

What a beautiful photo! I wish I were there! Also, I thought you wrote "natural vinaigrette" and was imaging you eating a salad while driving around. Not safe! I thought. Whoops.

Future Foodie said...
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wylii said...

Gorgeous. I too wish I was there with you. -w