Friday, June 6, 2008

Rained Out

Continuous lightening and storm warnings delayed play in the class 3A softball finals in Indianapolis on Friday. Top: Dana Rickenbaugh, of the Jasper Wildcats, surveyed the sky from inside the Pike high school, where players and their coaches took refuge from the rain. By 9:40, the game was officially called off, and the girls boarded the bus for a trip to Steak and Shake before retiring for the night. Play will resume tomorrow, where Jasper will face Mishawaka Marian.
Gotta say, being stuck with a team in a gym all night was pretty fun. The girls hadn't even started playing-- another team was on their third inning. So, tomorrow, if they win, it'll be two games in a day, which must be a lot for these girls.



Hey Amanda, hope you're having a good time in Jasper. I really like the second shot, lovely! It's not easy to make such a clean composition with 9 people in a single frame.

katie said...

yep, not many people that could make such nice frames out of no game. i love the second and third shot. are you going all bw for jasper??

Tully said...

Nice dude. I dig the first one and the louder moment in the second one. Awesome.