Thursday, June 5, 2008

First Baseball

I arrived in Jasper on Sunday night, and I've been exploring Dubois county ever since. Driving around, meeting people, getting lost, getting sunburnt. Once I'm better acclimated, I'll let you all know more. Until then, here are two images from the recent baseball game, which Jasper won 8-7. Top: Daniel Fuhrman, right and Pete Wilson, left, celebrated Fuhrman's run in the 3A Regional baseball contest between Jasper and Gibson Southern on Tuesday night. Jasper bested Gibson Southern in the final inning, winning 8-7. Bottom: Sherri Messier, mother of Jasper second baseman Nick messier, crossed her fingers in hopes of bringing the Wildcats some luck.


w said...

moments, moments, moments.

Phoebe Sexton said...

i love that first shot - there are so many sports moms out there who are so into all the games. i can't wait to see what work you do in jasper!