Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thursday, side of the road

On the way home from an assignment the other day I saw some people on the side of the road, decorating a wooden cross. That particular day I was trying to stop whenever I saw something that interested me-- not that we need more features, but because it's always better to spend a little more time shooting, even when you're like me and a little introverted. Especially me. You have to get out of the car over and over again and make pictures of strangers-- it's so important for me to be in that habit.

It turned out to be the two year anniversary of a car crash that killed three teenage girls-- two would have graduated from high school in May. I shot it, and I stayed with both families for a while, and then returned to have a talk with Justin, my editor. We ran a picture (not this one) in the paper, and I was so grateful, because sometimes when you photograph someone you make a tacit agreement with them-- that they're letting you in so their experience can somehow be bigger than just them. I think the Herald really values that kind of relationship with its readers, and it makes me care a lot about all of my assignments.

Above, a mother who lost both of her daughters, ages 16 and 17, grieves at the memorial on the side of State Road 162 in Ferdinand.


katie said...

stopping for anything (and everything) is a good rule i think. i like this frame... i went online to see what the paper ran. does jasper still not have an online edition??

Ann Hermes said...

Bravo friend. I understand the introversion. I never thought I could be this isolated in a big city. You're post inspired me to use my camera to become a part of the world again.