Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Website Update

and finally, I updated my website, for those of you that might want to take a look. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Amysue said...

Great website, Amanda! It looks AMAZING.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Steve said...

Nice clean, simple design. Big pictures. Good pictures (love your work). Your portrait of the guy smoking is one of the more beautiful pictures I have ever seen and would love to see that as your lead image, but that's your choice of course.

Haven't made it through the entire thing yet, but a couple quick technical/user experience things.

Your pictures are huge (272K from the one I downloaded). On my little G3 antenna, takes awhile to load. also because of their size, I do a lot of scrolling up and down. I have a 13" laptop, which is average size and the whole thing doesn't fit in my FF browser window, which I just measured at 633 pixels vertical with all the bars and such. So i have to scroll up and down again and again, which gets a little tedious.

Also, the caption text is really small. I have better than average eyesight, but still have a hard time reading it w/o getting really close to the screen. If you are going to have such large pictures, I would but the menus and captions off to the side so the whole thing will fit in a browser window and you can enlarge the text some.

Also "one-by-one" I guess is your singles section, but I thought it was a story. Something that lets the user know the other words are the titles of stories might be nice too. You can pretty easily put a small .swf drop down menu in an HTML site (and not doing an redesign) that will make it easy to navigate while keeping your clean design.

Single number 5 seems to be missing a caption too. "Real Food" has zero text that I can see, so I am not sure what its about. I can kind of infer, but it would be nice to know what you are trying to get across. The piglet is ungodly adorable too.

There is also nothing that lets me know how many pictures I have been through (2 of 12, etc.) so I don't know when I am ending and am therefore more likely to click off before I am done with a section. And the navigation <|> is also on your splash page image but doesn't work (and maybe isn't supposed to be there?). All in all just things to make the user experience a little friendlier so they stay with your site longer. I love your work and the pictures look great.