Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Indeed, multimedia is a part of my job at the Virginian-Pilot, and I must say that I had a blast doing this piece, with the help of Final Cut savant Hyunsoo Leo Kim. And yes, one of these days my Dallas multimedia will get published, and I am excited to share that one too.


Tully said...

um. dang, you might say. That was really nice. I went through it twice and then just scrolled through to look at the photos. Really great coverage and some nice story-telling images. Baller!

Steve said...

great pictures. Short and sweet. I would have liked some sort of title slide or something that explains exactly what was going on. It takes a little too long (at least for me, maybe I am slow) to figure out exactly what's happening. I guess it was a group of HR veterans going to DC to visit the memorials. A brief explanation while the guy was reading off the names would have fit well and been a nice intro and the pics at the beginning would have made more sense too.

I imagine the text explains it all, but the MM needs to stand on its own, b/c honestly, I am not going to make it through the text unless I am really closely connected to this story. Nice work, beautiful images.