Thursday, February 26, 2009

Daily work

From my series on old men and birds. No, actually, I've been thinking about the beautiful parts of daily work. Day in, day out, simple work with a camera, where you get the chance to clean up the world by looking at it a certain way, and you get that freeing feeling that comes from a routine that isn't monotonous. Just wake up, have coffee, make pictures. Today I helped Justin in the studio, solving some interesting visual problems, had lunch, and then went over to photograph Marvin Sermersheim, who has worked the same job for 55 years. No complaints from him. He gets up, has coffee, goes to work, moves lumber, goes home to work on the farm, and starts over the next day. With everything going on in the newspaper industry, I just hope that there will be a place for me in a newsroom somewhere, because I am a creature of habit. If not, I hope I can hang on to the routine of coffee (always) and picture making, every day. Because it feels the most right.


::: Eddie QuiƱones ::: said...

This is not the first time you have mentioned coffee on this blog. I to share the addiction/love and thought about learning how to be one of those snooty taster/buyer dudes a long time ago. Seriously.

Always make pictures Amanda. At the risk of sounding cheesy: Even if all the newspapers companies crumble to dust, always take pictures. It's who you are and it's who I like to think I am even though I'm not getting paid at the moment to shoot the way I like ( and I'm not holding my breath). I'm working on a Plan B at the moment so I can support my Plan A (making my pictures) and my girls. But I'll always tote my camera around 'till I'm an old man. Because for me it's the only thing that feels most right and I know it is for you to.

katie said...

love the framing of tractor dude... also, of course, i love the birds.