Saturday, February 14, 2009


Overtime. Ten seconds to go. One point difference. Wow. What an exciting night. I may be working on Valentine's Day, but as a consolation I also learned that I'm INPA's Photographer of the Year. That's pretty cool, considering it was judged by Steve Liss, whose story I was loading to the POYi website around this time last year, the way cool (or so I hear) Ryan Wood of Midland, and the incomparable Melissa Lyttle. The Herald did great overall, and that's the best part.


August Kryger said...

Wow, congratulations! Well-deserved.

Fred Barnes said...

Amanda, Congrats on being named Indiana Photographer of the Year, I heard through the grapevine last night and was so happy that you scored big in the hosier contest. You're an amazing photographer and I'm pleased that others are taking notice.
All the best,

Jeronimo Nisa said...

Are you ever going to stop gathering prizes, awards and accolades?


It's quite remarkable, an intern kicking pros' asses... Well, come to think of it, you're an intern only on paper and wages, because as far a photography's concerned, you've become such an experienced pro in just a short time.

You having a great year?
I think so.

katie said...

super awesome... and this is a great shot too. good seeing. i'm going to post a post 10 seconds shot in black and white in your honor.

Andrew said...

Great job, Amanda! Your amazing photography is outshined only by your sparkling attitude. I wouldn't be surprised if you take a few awards in the national contest.