Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My last few weeks

I prefer shooting stories to sports. Yet, so much of being a newspaper photographer is about photographing sports, basketball at the moment, something I had never done before this year, my first internship out of school. There are things I love about it, though. Fans. Families out for the night. The excitement of a home team winning. The band. Sidelines features. Sometimes, when I'm really desperate, like tonight, I even like the food. Most of all, though, I appreciate the chance to be out making pictures. Not sitting at home, imagining if anyone will hire me after this summer. Not sitting at the office, tabulating my mileage for the month. Not obsessively watching the POYi judging, to which I have an almost Pavlovian anxiety-response, from my time working on that website. Instead, I'm just making pictures, clean and simple, of kids playing sports. And while I'm not the greatest sports photographer, I'm getting the job done. And for the chance to do the job, I am thankful.

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