Wednesday, February 4, 2009


So, I shoot a lot of features here at The Herald. Some months are especially great. Like November, apparently, with wins in INPA's Clips Contest. I especially like the judges' comment on the first place photo, which echoes a recent post of mine. "Nice quiet moment. The closed eyes, the camo - it all adds to the moment." Quiet moments and camo. Both are things I love to see in a photo. Sometimes I just drive around, looking for a feature. I if can't find one, I try to not waste the drive. I try and make some pictures, even if they're not perfect for the paper, like this one, above. Just an attempt to get at something, though this one isn't successful in the way I wanted it to be. Not white enough. Not close enough. Not enough. Stopping and trying, though-- that's an important habit.


Amysue said...

well I think it's lovely. beautiful even! Maybe would be nice framed above my bed!

katie said...

is that a sheep? a fairytale snow deer? that is craziness.

and hello... you are rocking out the indiana photo awards. yesssssss.

zach said...

thanks for the advice. i was leaving for a trip just like that (boone life) and checked reader for some inspiration. i got it. thanks.